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About One Stop Computers LTD

One Stop Computers Ltd supplies: Computers, laptops, digital cameras, flash drives, battery backup, fax machines, processors, hard drives, memory motherboards, ATX cases, wireless routers, printers, desks and chairs and multimedia projectors.

Recently, we have expanded our product offering to include office furniture and security equipment and supplies. Our office chairs and desks are competitively priced and of great quality.

Mission Statement

One Stop Computers is in the business of satisfying the needs of our technological customers. Our primary objective is maintaining high quality customer service.


ONE STOP PERSONNEL PUT THE CUSTOMERS FIRST by being available and approachable. Being attentive to the customer's needs and bringing to the customer's attention what is truly the best value for their needs.


We commit ourselves to taking whatever actions necessary to realize and supersede the customer's expectations of a satisfying experience at One Stop Computers.



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